Read what Dr. Haroun’s patients have to say:

First Class Care!

I have been receiving care and treatments from Dr. Haroun and his staff since late 2007 continuing up to and including 2022. The treatments I’ve had, have always been clearly explained with options, if any, and the concern demonstrated by this group has always been first class. I have, and continue to, recommend Dr. Haroun… Read more “First Class Care!”


The pain is gone!

To be pain free what a joy! I suffered for years with neck, shoulder, and back pain. After trying several methods to relieve the pain, one visit with Dr. Haroun and he found the problem. I had surgery July 2021. Less than one year later I am able to sit all day, drive more than… Read more “The pain is gone!”


Quality of life returns!

After years of leg pain that caused sleeping, sitting and walking issues, Dr. Haroun performed SCS surgery and my life began again. The improvement since the surgery is priceless. Dr. Haroun’s attention to detail, knowledge and passion he brings to his craft is unmatched. The office staff is also very easy to deal with their… Read more “Quality of life returns!”


Wow no pain at all!!!

My journey started about 3 years ago in 2018 when I started with sciatic pain that traveled down my right leg. I started with conservative treatment which included shots to my back. They seem to help for a little while but about every 6 months or so I would have to go and get more… Read more “Wow no pain at all!!!”


Thank you, Dr. Haroun. God bless you.

I had my surgery on 11/2020 and I’ve since resumed work as a full time critical care nurse. I thank you, Dr. Haroun for a job well done. God bless your hands.… Read more “Thank you, Dr. Haroun. God bless you.”


Spine-tingling performance

The pain management doctor offered me more additional conservative treatment, which I declined, and then recommended I see Dr. Haroun. For a reference, I called the sports medicine doctor that had operated on my tennis elbow and replaced my wife’s knee. He recommended Dr. Haroun. I then contacted my physical therapist, who also recommended Dr.… Read more “Spine-tingling performance”


Professional caring relief!!

I could not stand for more than 5 minutes and slept on the floor. Dr. Haroun is a miracle worker!! I was scared to have surgery but I am sooo glad I did. He is the absolute best!! If you are in pain please see him and let him fix it. THANK YOU!!!!!… Read more “Professional caring relief!!”


Awesome Dr. Haroun

Dr. Haroun performed a cervical discectomy and fusion. I was in extreme pain, had limited mobility with my neck, and terrible pain down my left arm, all the way to my fingertips. Immediately after surgery all pain was completely gone. After recovery from the procedure, I feel like a new person. Dr. Haroun made the… Read more “Awesome Dr. Haroun”


I had very painful sciatica

I had very painful sciatica pain for 9 months, with a herniated L5-S1. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic and pain management approaches. I had 3 epidural steroid injections and was treated for piriformis syndrome with both cortisone and botox. Reduced pain some, but not by much. I finally found Dr Haroun through local search for a… Read more “I had very painful sciatica”


Lower Back Surgery

I had lower back surgery performed by Dr. Haroun and at the Maryland Spine and Surgery Center. I received excellent care and the problem I encountered with my lower back and legs was resolved.… Read more “Lower Back Surgery”


I always told people, “NEVER HAVE BACK SURGERY”

As a registered nurse, I always told people, “NEVER HAVE BACK SURGERY”. Dr. Haroun has completely changed that. Please have back surgery, if you need it. Don’t forget to follow post-op instructions. Dr. Haroun gave me my life back, he completely restored the quality of my life. The pain from a large herniated disc was… Read more “I always told people, “NEVER HAVE BACK SURGERY””


Dr. Haroun and his staff

Dr. Haroun and his staff are excellent, professional and courteous. Dr. Haroun resolved my lower back problems by performing microscopic surgery. The procedure exceeded my expectations. The Surgery Center staff were great and Dr. Haroun’s follow up was very thorough.… Read more “Dr. Haroun and his staff”


10 stars

Recently had lower back surgery by Dr. Haroun. His staff was very courteous and helpful at all times. I am improving everyday and am most grateful to the expertise of Dr. Haroun’s practice. Do you have a back issue that needs attention? Call the office of Dr. Haroun and get the answers that could make… Read more “10 stars”


Enjoying Life Again!

I was recommended to Dr. Haroun by my mother and some relatives. After a fluke accident while bench pressing weights, I experienced a pinched nerve in my back. This was exacerbated when I tried to pull start the string mower and hurt my back worse. I had microdiscectomy surgery to remove a herniated disc from… Read more “Enjoying Life Again!”


Dr Haroun

I went into Dr. Haroun’s office in great pain. He explained all my options and I tried them because I didn’t want to have surgery. In the end I had the surgery. Before I felt like an old lady, now I feel 30 years younger. His staff is fantastic. Thank you Dr. Haroun for giving… Read more “Dr Haroun”


Instant Relief

I recently received lumbar microdiscectomy surgery from Dr. Haroun. I had crippling nerve pain down my right leg for three years. After failed steroid shots and PT, I contacted Dr. Haroun and we discussed the options. Surgery was agreed to be the best option for long-term recovery. It has been two weeks since the surgery… Read more “Instant Relief”


Pinched Nerve

I just wanted to recognize the efforts of Dr. Haroun and his staff. Dr. Haroun went out of his way to verify that all other causes were addressed prior to recommending surgery. The surgical center in Linthicum was also outstanding. I would definitely recommend Dr. Haroun to anyone who is experiencing back pain or pain… Read more “Pinched Nerve”


Pain free with no problems

In January 2019, Dr. Haroun performed surgery on my cervical spine to alleviate pain I was experiencing in my arm. Dr. Haroun and his PA were both very personable and professional. The operation completely took care of my problem. I waited until I was entirely sure that there would be no complications before I wrote… Read more “Pain free with no problems”


Tell Your Friends About Dr. Haroun

I suffered from excruciating sciatica pain for months. I tried everything; medication, physical therapy and pain injections to no avail. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended all sorts of bars, pins and screws be put in my back to alleviate the pain. Luckily a friend recommended that I see Dr. Haroun before agreeing to… Read more “Tell Your Friends About Dr. Haroun”



The very first doctor I saw for my back injury 15 months ago indicated surgery may be necessary at some point. I remember laughing and thinking no way is that ever going to happen. Well all these months later after trying all the recommendations including steroids, physical therapy, multiple injections manual physical therapy, yoga, chiropractic… Read more “Grateful!”


The best!

After a year trip around the United States, I went to see Dr. Haroun about my back. He very quickly discovered my neck was in danger and needed fusion surgery or I would be at high risk for becoming paralyzed. He came very highly recommended by my general practitioner. I felt he took the time… Read more “The best!”


Finally Pain Free!

I was in pain far longer than I needed to be because of fear. If I had known then what I know now, it could have saved me months of chronic nerve pain. Dr. Haroun and his PA are not just genuinely nice people, they are extremely skilled at what they do. My ACDF surgery… Read more “Finally Pain Free!”


Dr. Haroun Miracle Worker

I had a bulging disk hitting the sciatic nerve, L5-S1. The pain was debilitating and I had to make several trips to  the ER for severe pain shooting down my leg. I couldn’t even walk and finally went to see Dr. Haroun for a consultation. He is very nice, easy to talk to, and down… Read more “Dr. Haroun Miracle Worker”


Pain Free

Dr. Raymond Haroun performed microdiscectomy surgery to remove a herniated disc from my lower back. This herniated disc caused excruciating sciatica through my hip, hamstring, leg and foot. A few days after surgery and still now two months later I feel like a new man.  Thanks to God,  Dr. Haroun, and Megan, PA-C I can live… Read more “Pain Free”


Complete relief of sciatica pain

After a bicycling injury, I experienced crippling pain down my right leg that was diagnosed as lumbar stenosis.  Steroid injections and physical therapy provided some relief, but even small back strains would send me back to walking with my upper body tilted to the left to avoid the leg pain.  I investigated surgery after a… Read more “Complete relief of sciatica pain”


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Dr. Haroun, I wanted to say thank you so much for giving me my quality of life back after surgery. I can now do things with my wife and kids that I could not do before because of the pain. I had my surgery in February and it was the best thing I ever did.… Read more “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”


Why Did I Wait So Long…

20 year ago I injured my lower back rebuilding a old stone wall. I was bed ridden for 2 weeks then gradually I adjusted to walking over the next year. Chiropractors helped for short periods but after manual labor my lower back would grab me especially when I got up from sitting. I avoided the… Read more “Why Did I Wait So Long…”


Dr. Haroun is the Best!

I can’t recommend Dr. Haroun enough! I suffered from debilitating sciatic pain and tried every treatment option out there but nothing worked. Two months ago Dr. Haroun performed a discectomy and I have been PAIN FREE ever since! Not only is Dr. Haroun a skilled surgeon but he surrounds himself with a top-notch staff. Everyone… Read more “Dr. Haroun is the Best!”


Dr. Haroun is Wonderful

It’s been sometime since I have had Spinal Surgery with Dr. Haroun. My first impression of him was that he was kind and compassionate, yet let you know all the pro’s and con’s of spinal fusion surgery with rods and screws. I have degenerative disc disease and I wasn’t ready to have surgery in my… Read more “Dr. Haroun is Wonderful”


Finally No Pain

Dr. Haroun was thorough in his examination and in communicating all options available for treating compressed L5 nerve that was causing serious pain in right side lower back and especially around knee. My case was textbook. I opted for surgery. Post-surgery, I followed doctors orders. At six weeks post-surgery, I received a back brace which… Read more “Finally No Pain”


I’ve had Three Back Surgeries

I’ve had three back surgeries in the past seven years due to degenerative disc disease. These past surgeries have brought me great relief and they are doing well. They were performed by a qualified and respected neurosurgeon who has since retired. Due to a new issue in another part of my spine, I had to… Read more “I’ve had Three Back Surgeries”


Dr. Haroun is My Hero!

Dr. Haroun performed nerve decompression surgery on my L3/L4 due to bulging discs and nerve compression. This condition caused progressive, excruciating left leg pain and numbness from my hip and traveled to the front of my left calf. I describe the pain as stabbing, burning and constant. The numbness caused left leg weakness and leg… Read more “Dr. Haroun is My Hero!”


Thank you doesn’t seem like enough!

Saying thank you simply doesn’t feel like enough for what Dr. Haroun, Megan and Evan have given back to me. After years of pain and going through every conservative treatment available, they helped me make the decision to go with surgery. They told me they hoped to get about a 70% improvement to my condition,… Read more “Thank you doesn’t seem like enough!”


I am usually not the

I am usually not the type to write a review but feel very strongly about Dr. Haroun. I have been seeing him for over 3 years and was referred to him by my general practitioner for a back problem. After the initial visit and examination, he sent me for xrays, mri’s, shots, etc. He didn’t… Read more “I am usually not the”


Impeccable Care

I am so thankful to have found the Maryland Spine Specialist team. I had suffered for exactly 1 year going to different pain management providers. Dr. Haroun made me feel so comfortable in my initial visit. Everything about my procedure was explained to me in a very clear manner. I already knew I was at… Read more “Impeccable Care”


Nothing is Impossible

Dr. Raymond Haroun, M.D. and Megan Sisbarro, PA-C, Please accept my apology for being so long in getting this letter to you. Just want you to know what a fantastic job you did on my Cervical Spine surgery. I was shocked that the recovery once I returned home went as well as it has, but… Read more “Nothing is Impossible”


Pain Free

I have had two spine surgeries for large disc herniations, one on my neck, cervical fusion, where my spinal cord was being pressed on and the other bulge was on my lower back area.  Lumbar discectomy was the surgery I had for that.  I was in severe pain everyday, which interfered with work and taking… Read more “Pain Free”


Getting My Life Back

I had been suffering from pain in my right hip and in both legs for many months from a herniated disc. I saw several doctors and tried steroid treatments, pain meds and physical therapy, yet the pain continued and worsened. After ten months, I was in so much pain that everything in my life was… Read more “Getting My Life Back”


A New Lease on Life

7 years ago, I was at the lowest point in my life. L4, L5, S1 has been so badly damaged I had lost feeling in my left leg and foot. I was 27 years old. I had two kids. I got fired from my job because I could not work. I hurt so bad, everyday… Read more “A New Lease on Life”


I Want to Extend my Profound Gratitude For Your Compassionate Treatment

Dear Dr. Haroun, I want to extend my profound gratitude to you for your compassionate treatment of me as your patient. You are one of the finest and most informed doctors I have known. Your expertise in your field has been significant in healing my chronic disk problem. I would like to thank you for… Read more “I Want to Extend my Profound Gratitude For Your Compassionate Treatment”


Just Wanted to Thank You Again

Dear Dr. Haroun, It has been three years since you operated on me. Just wanted to thank you again for giving my life back to me.… Read more “Just Wanted to Thank You Again”


I Placed My Trust in Dr. Haroun — The Surgery Went Well

My first meeting with Dr. Haroun was amazing. He took time to go over my MRI and x-rays and options for treatment. He told me that surgery would be the best to stabilize my back. I was very reluctant to have back surgery. I told him I needed some time. He was very understanding and… Read more “I Placed My Trust in Dr. Haroun — The Surgery Went Well”


This is a Note to Tell You I Have Had an Awesome and Uneventful Recovery

Dear Dr. Haroun, This is a note just to tell you that I have had an awesome and uneventful recovery. It is unusual to use these two adjectives together in describing an event. However, I have had a remarkably fast recovery with minimal pain! So much so that I sometimes forget that I had major… Read more “This is a Note to Tell You I Have Had an Awesome and Uneventful Recovery”


I Want to Thank You for Taking Such Care of Me

Dear Dr. Haroun, I want to thank you for taking such care of me. The surgery was a complete success, as I knew it would be. You are the best. Thank you again. Affectionately, —… Read more “I Want to Thank You for Taking Such Care of Me”


Please Continue to Offer the Best and Most Professional Health Care

To the Best Office in Baltimore, MD that I have received care from: Please continue to offer the best and most professional health care in the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland. –R.… Read more “Please Continue to Offer the Best and Most Professional Health Care”


I Tried All Less Invasive Forms of Treatment

Having retired from teaching about 10 years ago, I had become involved in many activities that I did not have time for during my years as a third grade teacher. I was enjoying gardening, travel with my husband and friends, entertaining and being very actively involved with my five grandchildren. These activities began to cease,… Read more “I Tried All Less Invasive Forms of Treatment”


After Six Months From My Surgery, I Am Free of the Pain

Doctor Haroun:  I am writing this note to thank you for the great work you performed on my spine. You successfully re-aligned my spine and “placed” my nerves back in their correct location. After six months from my surgery, I am free of the pain I had when I first visited with you. I know… Read more “After Six Months From My Surgery, I Am Free of the Pain”

Vita S.

Thank you for all that you did for my family and I

Dear Dr. Haroun, Thank you for all that you did for my family and I. The back surgery that you performed gave me back the ability to work, play with my child, and live my life again. I came into your office in severe pain. I had previously seen an orthopedic spinal surgeon who wanted… Read more “Thank you for all that you did for my family and I”

Rebecca S.

Getting My Life Back

Dear Dr. Haroun — I am remiss in not checking in before. I owe you tremendous thanks for virtually giving me my life back. Not only can I function again, but I have NO pain — at all. None… zip… not a tweak. I can remember this time last year before my surgery, riding laying down… Read more “Getting My Life Back”

Robin E.


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