I Want to Extend my Profound Gratitude For Your Compassionate Treatment

January 23rd, 2017

Dear Dr. Haroun,

I want to extend my profound gratitude to you for your compassionate treatment of me as your patient. You are one of the finest and most informed doctors I have known. Your expertise in your field has been significant in healing my chronic disk problem. I would like to thank you for the outstanding job that you performed on my neck. The cervical fusion that repaired my disks 4 and 5 has not bothered me since the operation two years ago. I can move my head freely in all directions without any pain. Other people that I have spoken with who have had similar surgeries with other surgeons cannot move their heads freely without pain. So I applaud your surgical team and staff for mending me back together in such a flawless way.

Before the operation I had severe pain in my neck and was not able to move it all for years. I am so glad that I came to you for the surgery. At once, I felt comfortable and confident with you. You explained the procedure clearly and answered my questions patiently. You showed me the MRI and explained what was there so that I could understand. You took your time with me when I had appointments with you. You are a very considerate and caring doctor. I never had to wait to see you. Your staff was helpful and personable, they graciously answered all my questions when I called. One of the most important qualities that I experienced from both you and your staff was kindness. Thank you for exuding that. We all need a little kindness.

So, Dr. Haroun, you gave me back a quality of life that has been better than I could ever have expected. You are an exceptional and remarkable surgeon, one doctor whom I will never forget.

Thank you for healing and mending my body with care and skill.

May God bless you and your staff!



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