I Tried All Less Invasive Forms of Treatment

January 23rd, 2017

Having retired from teaching about 10 years ago, I had become involved in many activities that I did not have time for during my years as a third grade teacher. I was enjoying gardening, travel with my husband and friends, entertaining and being very actively involved with my five grandchildren.

These activities began to cease, though, as the pain in my lower back, left leg and foot began to increase. The pain grew to the point where I was unable to do much of anything. Going up and down stairs, walking for exercise, sleeping — all activities became problematic.

I tried all the less invasive forms of treatment from medications, to physical therapy to spinal injections. Nothing stopped the pain, in fact, it was growing worse.

I saw an article about Doctor Haroun in a St. Agnes newsletter. It related the experience of one of his patients who had suffered from problems very similar to mine. The patient was successfully treated by Dr. Haroun to the point where he was able to resume a normal level of activity after the surgery. Also, I talked to an acquaintance who had the same type of surgery by Dr. Haroun with similar, positive results.

So, I set up an appointment with Dr. Haroun, and after a series of tests, xrays and evaluations, my surgery was scheduled for April 8, 2013. The surgery repaired and rebuilt the L-5 disk. The results were amazing! The chronic pain I had been experiencing was gone.

After a couple months of wearing a back brace and being careful about my activities, I have gradually been able to resume my normal activities. I feel like I once again am living the life of a happy, active retiree. My husband and I have scheduled a trip to New England in the fall, and I once again am enjoying gardening, walking and spending time with my grandchildren. And, oh yes,

I’m back on the shopping and yard sale circuit.

I confidently recommend Dr. Raymond Haroun as a caring, competent and skilled professional. His abilities have made it possible for me to return to an active and enjoyable life.

— G.C.S.


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