Nothing is Impossible

June 21st, 2017

Dr. Raymond Haroun, M.D. and Megan Sisbarro, PA-C,

Please accept my apology for being so long in getting this letter to you. Just want you to know what a fantastic job you did on my Cervical Spine surgery. I was shocked that the recovery once I returned home went as well as it has, but that is due to the tremendous job you both did. I had my brother with me for a few days after coming home and he was speechless at how well I was able to get around and do things for myself. After he went home I had Visiting Angels come in and help with various things around the house, but they also were surprised how well I was able to get around and do for myself.

It just goes to show that when you have the best of the best surgeons, nothing is impossible. I thank you for being up front and answering all of my questions before and after the surgery as to what could be expected. I continue to heal but am getting better with each passing day.

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for all you have done for me, but that is the only word I can come up with for now. I appreciate all you did before and are doing since my surgery, keeping check on me to make sure I don’t do anything I shouldn’t. But there again, when you have the best you really can’t ask for more. If I were to give you a Star Rating it would be a twenty star rating. I would not hesitate to recommend you both to anyone that may need spine surgery.

Again THANK YOU BOTH you are great.




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