Wow no pain at all!!!

February 7th, 2022

My journey started about 3 years ago in 2018 when I started with sciatic pain that traveled down my right leg. I started with conservative treatment which included shots to my back. They seem to help for a little while but about every 6 months or so I would have to go and get more in order to control the pain. In June of this year I had to get more shots, they didn’t help my pain this time. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Haroun to see what my next step would be. He sent me for further imaging of my back. He mentioned other treatments to try before we go right to surgery but I told him I had already done most of them. We decided to go for surgery.

After surgery I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt, I had pain from the incision but no pain going down the leg at all!!! I am now about 2 months after surgery and every now and then I feel a little twinge going down my leg, but Dr. Haroun told me it may take a while for the nerve to heal. I can deal with that!! I am so grateful for Dr. Haroun and all of his staff. I was treated so well by all of them! I would recommend Dr. Haroun to anyone who is having debilitating pain. Never would I have thought that I would have had an outcome as good as mine.

Thank you to everyone – Especially, Dr. Haroun, Courtney, and Brittany!!!



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