Spine-tingling performance

February 7th, 2022

The pain management doctor offered me more additional conservative treatment, which I declined, and then recommended I see Dr. Haroun. For a reference, I called the sports medicine doctor that had operated on my tennis elbow and replaced my wife’s knee. He recommended Dr. Haroun. I then contacted my physical therapist, who also recommended Dr. Haroun and said that he is known to be very conservative when it comes to recommending surgery.

At my first appointment, Dr. Haroun and his Physician Assistant examined my imaging. It appeared to be a herniated disk. They assured me a surgical procedure was highly recommended with the loss of strength I was experiencing. He explained the process and gave me links to read up on the procedure. I scheduled a date. I had questions on the days after the consult and the staff in his office was patient and pleasant with me. They kept me on alert for openings in the schedule and got me in earlier than originally planned.

When the procedure was over Dr. Haroun explained what was found and what procedures he used to address the issues. The discomfort after the procedure was very manageable. Dr. Haroun called me the day after to follow up on me. I was able to go back at work on light duty after a week. I was very pleased with the professionalism, the communication, and the performance of Dr. Haroun’s practice. I recommend them highly and will return if I have more issues in the future.



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