A New Lease on Life

May 1st, 2017

7 years ago, I was at the lowest point in my life.

L4, L5, S1 has been so badly damaged I had lost feeling in my left leg and foot. I was 27 years old. I had two kids. I got fired from my job because I could not work.

I hurt so bad, everyday was a struggle to walk, to sit, to do anything. My quality of life had slipped to the point where I couldn’t bare the thought of tomorrow. I remember trying to walk around my neighborhood at 2am because I had restless legs and my back hurt so bad I would be so angry, then so depressed. I can remember taking a shower and just praying for a moment of pain free life. It was truly a life not worth living.

I would lay on the floor, and take INSANE AMOUNTS of pain meds, and for two years I did this.

I can’t believe where I am today…
Dr. Haroun showed me the damage to my disks.
Dr. Haroun told me the truth. He said “Scott I’m not going to promise that the feeling will come back in your leg and foot 100%, but I’m sure we can get you some relief.”

Dr. Haroun said this to me and it was the first REAL diagnosis I have ever gotten.

I just went for it, I had no other choice.
I was so scared. Scared that when I woke up, nothing would have changed, or that I would never be better.

Dr. Haroun saved my life.
I still have diminished feeling in my foot, and leg, but 70% better then it was.
I live pain free.
Sure my back hurts sometimes… I had a major injury.
But to be able to live drug free, to be able to walk, drive, sit, and even run.
I really cant tell you what this meant for me.
My kids could have a dad back.
I got a job and I’m doing very well.
And I promise everyone that reads this…Drug FREE for 7 years.

PLEASE! If you are suffering like I was, don’t let your fear and what ifs make you a slave to your pain. Don’t let the pills become a lifestyle.

Just go talk to Dr. Haroun.
If nothing else, I promise you he will give you a truthful diagnosis.

Truly, this man saved my life.
I would not be here today to tell you so if I hadn’t made the appointment.

I never could thank Dr. Haroun enough.

So that’s my testimonial. I’m 34 now and I can tell you that I’m doing well. It’s 7 years post surgery. Not one day goes by where I don’t remember the misery that I endured, and how Dr. Haroun offered me a way to get out from under it.

Thank you is not enough.



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