Getting My Life Back

January 23rd, 2017

Dear Dr. Haroun — I am remiss in not checking in before. I owe you tremendous thanks for virtually giving me my life back. Not only can I function again, but I have NO pain — at all. None… zip… not a tweak. I can remember this time last year before my surgery, riding laying down in the back of the car and on arrival walking on a walker like I was 110 years old, along side my 7 year old daughter. It was surreal. I felt trapped in my own body. I didn’t know if I’d ever be nearly normal again. Now it’s like it never happened.

Don’t worry — I am friends with Alice and she will haunt me to take care of my back — and your handiwork!

I can’t express my gratitude.

My very best,

–Robin E.


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