Pain Free

June 5th, 2017

I have had two spine surgeries for large disc herniations, one on my neck, cervical fusion, where my spinal cord was being pressed on and the other bulge was on my lower back area.  Lumbar discectomy was the surgery I had for that.  I was in severe pain everyday, which interfered with work and taking care of our son.

Immediately after both surgeries, the pain was gone. Dr. Haroun did a wonderful job.  Both surgeries only took about 4 to 6 weeks to recover from and I was back to a pain free life.

Dr. Haroun did a wonderful job.  I am so thrilled and happy with his work on my spine.  He is a very skilled neurosurgeon, and so nice and professional, as are his associates and staff.  Please know that you are in caring hands at Maryland Spine Specialists.

Thank you Dr. Haroun and staff for all you have done for me, my family and continue to do for me regarding my care.



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